вторник, 13 октомври 2015 г.

Hej från Malmö + one useful post about some crochet mistakes you don't want to make

Hej från Malmö :)

havent been in my blog for a long time - since I moved to  Malmö, Sweden, several months ago.

I love this place! To be honest, I realize that Malmö is not a real Swedish town because of the many foreigners and to much noises here, but I still love it. Now I think about this place as my home. I dont miss Sofia at all. I often talk to my older son and my father, but I dont feel bad about not being in Bulgaria, my birthplace. Maybe some of you are disappointed hearing that from me, but thats because you've never been or living in Bulgaria. 
Ok, lets wrap this up.
I dont crochet much about this nowadays, but I spend my time doing other things and I've done some new stuff here. In future posts, I'll show you.
Now I will re-post this useful material about some crochet mistakes you don't really want to make. Im sure many of you know about them, but a reminder never hurts. smile emoticon


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