събота, 12 декември 2015 г.

Шапката на Сабина и косата на Елса/ Elsa's hair&crown and Sabina's hat

Sabina is an incredible little 7 years old girl. My new friend. She has long brown hair and big eyes - the same as the daughter i've always wanted but i have 2 boys :) May Allah protect them all. 

Ok, i wanted to make something cute for Sabina and she told me that her favorite movie is Frozen and she loves Elsa, the main character. 

So i researched and found some nice proposals for work and crochet - i hope - nice Elsa's hat with hair & crown. 

Tomorrow Sabina will see the present and i hope she will like it. 

Here is the main site where i found some nice pictures. 

четвъртък, 19 ноември 2015 г.

How to make Melange Rug step by step DIY tutorial instructions

How to make Melange Rug step by step DIY tutorial instructions

вторник, 13 октомври 2015 г.

Hej från Malmö + one useful post about some crochet mistakes you don't want to make

Hej från Malmö :)

havent been in my blog for a long time - since I moved to  Malmö, Sweden, several months ago.

I love this place! To be honest, I realize that Malmö is not a real Swedish town because of the many foreigners and to much noises here, but I still love it. Now I think about this place as my home. I dont miss Sofia at all. I often talk to my older son and my father, but I dont feel bad about not being in Bulgaria, my birthplace. Maybe some of you are disappointed hearing that from me, but thats because you've never been or living in Bulgaria. 
Ok, lets wrap this up.
I dont crochet much about this nowadays, but I spend my time doing other things and I've done some new stuff here. In future posts, I'll show you.
Now I will re-post this useful material about some crochet mistakes you don't really want to make. Im sure many of you know about them, but a reminder never hurts. smile emoticon

събота, 12 септември 2015 г.

Tunisian blanket with daisies has got an owner now to help Vasko!

Тунизийското благотворително одеялоt намери своя собственик, който преведе сумата по сметката на малкия Васко! 

Така че, ин ша Аллах, тази точно мисия е изпълнена.
Много ми се ще да плета още за благотворителност, но сега където съм това се обезмисля. 
Всяко нещо с подходящото време.
Сега, в таъв случай, ще мисля за себе си и семейството си :)

петък, 28 август 2015 г.

Cicles of the Sun CAL by Lila Bjorn Crochet

If you missed this nice CAL introduces by Lila Bjorn Crochet, you can pay attention on it and start it now.
The finished blocks are beautiful and has original pattern. I like it very much but now i can't make it.
May be soon in sha Allah,

The CAL not seems easy but if you are beginner and you like it, you can find written instructions with many images.

HERE is a link to this CAL.

неделя, 23 август 2015 г.

Another blankets with Minions

My friend and a crocheter - Tekka P-Fashion  crochet 2 blankets with Minions similar like this afghan. 

Hers are for a charity too. And are more simple than mine. These instructions i gave before are for this one i crochet. 

But now i just want t show you different way to make a similar Minions afghan which is nice and easier than mine :)

This is mine: 

And these are Tekka's blankets:

Blanket 1

Blanket 2

понеделник, 10 август 2015 г.

#Minion #Blanket, #crochet instructions, #pattern - updated!

This pattern is my first one and I beg your pardon if you find a mistakes in it. And I will be appreciating if you inform me about them.

I'm glad everyone like this blanket - it is fresh, nice and smiley!

Crocheting is not difficult and is suitable for beginners too.

If you qish you can add the project to your queue on Ravelry:



You can also take a look to my other project there and add them to your queue:


The blanket was for charity and I crochet it just without a pattern.
The measurements are app. 125/100 sm. But if you need another size you should calculate the size of blocks and depend f your yarn, to calculate the number of a stitches.
For that afghan I crochet 20 blocks – 7 yellow, 7 white and 6 blue. But if you prefer another diagram you may crochet a different number of color blocks.
I mean that – my joining diagram was that one:

And you may choose another kind of a blocks position like that:

Or like that:

And so on – you just need to crochet another number of color blocks.
First of all you need 3 basic colors + 1 for Minions overalls and for a border. Basic colors are white, yellow and blue + dark blue, black and grey.

App you need 160m for 2 blocks. I used Yarn Art’s Jeens – 45% acryl + 55 % cotton, 160 m for 50 grams.  The same yarn is Alize Cotton Gold and is more comfortable for work because it has 100gr yarn balls, 350 m.

I crochet it with hook 3.5mm and single crochet but you don’t need to and if I crochet it again I never use SC and 3.5mm hook again.
That’s why I advise you to crochet using HDC and 3.5 mm hook.
The gauge is not important for that blanket.

For that example size 125/100 sm and 4/5 blocks, with white and blue yarn, crochet blocks are made by this pattern:

1)        Ch 44, Hdc in a 3-rd chain, Hdc to the end, ch 2 and turn
2)        Hdc to the end, ch 2 and turn
3)        Repeat r2 (47) times or until you reach desired length, turn, do not fasten off
4)        Edging Rnd: Ch 1, 2 sc in first st, sc in next st, sc in every st to the corner, 3 sc in last st to create corner, work  sc evenly down side of square, beg by working across opposite side of foundation rep from * around, work 1 more sc in same st as beg sts, sl st to first st. Fasten off

About dark blue – yellow - black blocks (Minions):

1)      With dark blue yarn ch 44, hdc in a 3-rd chain, hdc to the end, ch 2 and turn
2)      Hdc to the end, ch 2 and turn
3)      Repeat r 2 (7) times
4)      Change the color – with yellow yarn repeat r2 28 times.
5)      Change the color – with black yarn repeat r2 5 times
6)      Change the color – with yellow yarn repeat r2 7 times. Turn, do not fasten off.
7)      Edging Rnd – use an yellow yarn about the yellow part and a dark blue for the dark blue part of a block: Ch 1, 2 sc in first st, sc in next st, sc in every st to the corner, 3 sc in last st to create corner, work  sc evenly down side of square, beg by working across opposite side of foundation rep from * around, work 1 more sc in same st as beg sts, sl st to first st. Fasten off

Joining the blocks:

Depends of diagram you choose, begin joining the blocks on the horizontal using only the dark blue yarn.
When you make these horizontal bars, join them on vertical using blue and yellow yarn.

*If you read the pattern before i've made a mistake and Anneloes Rotteveel - big thanks to her - correct the text :)

Minions Eyes:

For my blanket I crochet 10 rounded pieces for the eyes. Some of minions are with 1 or with 2 eyes.

Rnd 1: You may begin with 12 DC in a magic ring or Ch 3, 11Dc in 3-rd ch from a hook, SlSt in a first Dc to join. 
Rnd 2: ch
3, 2 Dc in each Dc around. Sl st in first Dc, to join. (24Dc) 
Rnd 3: ch
2, (Hdc in next Dc, 2 Hdc in next Dc) around. Sl st in first Dc, to join. (36 sc) 

Change with Grey yarn and continue crochet 1 Sc in every Hdc from a previous row. Sl St in first Hdc to join, end off. Weave the ends.

Black center of the eyes:

With black yarn you may crochet 12 DC in a magic ring or Ch 3, 11Dc in 3-rd ch from a hook, SlSt in a first Dc to join. End off. Weave the ends.

You need to attach black parts to the eyes with hot glue or sewing.  Attach black parts on the center or sideward of it.

When the crochet eyes become ready, attach them on the afghan blocks using hot glue or sewing.  

Nice crocheting and if you have more questions, please ask.

You can read the discussion in the main post Child's crochet Minions blanket  

P.S Anneloes Rotteveel translates the pattern in Dutch and it will be ready soon :)

P.P.S. Anne is ready with translation! :) 

P.P.P.S :)

This is Dutch translation and happy crochet to everyone!


Take a look on my Minion mitts&beanie

събота, 27 юни 2015 г.

Alexandra and the soaps :)

Alexandra aka EyeLoveKnots received hand-made soaps and crochet face scrubbers from me and today she blogged about it and shared such a good thoughts.
I'm glad that she liked soaps and scrubbers. 
Alexandra hosted nice Link Party every Tuesday and i find there very nice crochets and other crafts. 

неделя, 21 юни 2015 г.

Blue Starburst Granny Pillow

От две започнати и оказа се, невъзможно в скоро време да бъдат завършени одеялца, набързи сглобих тази декоративна възглавница.

Любимия ми цвят е синият и затова най-напред започнах със Solstice Sun Rising от Moogly CAL - вижте повече тук. 

Квадратът е с много интересен център - кръгът не се плете отвътре навън, както обикновено.

Съединих с изплетените от мен квадрати с любимите ми Ripple stitches. 

Но остана място за един квадрат! и като нямаше син?! 

Гледах, чудих се и накрая взех Тhe Starburst Square.

Обратната част на възглавницата:

петък, 12 юни 2015 г.

Новото Тунизийско одеяло с маргарити, в помощ на Васко/ The blanket is going for help to Vasko

Новото Тунизийско одеяло с маргарити очаква купувача си, за да могат парите от продажбата да отидат в помощ на Васко. 

The new tunisian blanket with daisies is awaiting its new owner, so that the money from the purchase go to help Vasko.

Ето и Фeйсбук страничката на детето - Да помогнем на Васко - HELP VASKO

Here is the facebook page dedicated to helping Vasko - HELP VASKO.

A ТУК - страницата на "С вяра в доброто - подари надежда", можете да се информирате за това или друго благотворително одеялце и та помогнете на някое от децата.

And HERE - the page "С вяра в доброто - подари надежда" you can read about this or other charity blankets, bags, bagpacks, slippers, sandals, mandalas and so on, so that we can help the children in need.

А ТУК можете да видите повече за одеялцето, цветята, квадратите и т.н. :) 

сряда, 10 юни 2015 г.

Тунизийско одеяло с маргарити, изплетено за благотворителност/ Charity Tunisian blanket with Daisies

Одеялото е изплетено от групата Тунизийско плетене в България- аз го завърших - изплетох и заших маргаритите, съединих и аранжирах квадратите и наплетох борда. 
Одеялото е изплетено с Reverse Tunisian Stitch, от прежда Yarn Art Jeаns - 55% Cotton + 45% Acryl.
Размерите са 100/100 см.
Сега ще очаквам да видя в помощ на кое дете ще се предложи това одеялце и се надявам бързо да се продаде :)
Началната идея, посочих това в първия пост за това одеялце, е от Repeat Crafter me
За процеса на работа писах и показах снимки и ТУК. 

NEW: The blanket is going for help to Vasko - check it HERE!


вторник, 2 юни 2015 г.

Charity Tunisian blanket with daisies is in progress

Прикачила съм всички маргарити - половината квадрати, изплетени с Reverse Tunisian Stitch, са с маргарити, другата половина са "чисти".
Скоро ще започна със съединяването на цялото одеяло.

Ето и цветята - маргарити, които чакаха за прикачаване
Погледни ТУК :)

Ново благотворително одеяло с маргарити/ The new charity Tunisian blanket with daisies

Новото благотворително одеяло очаква завършването си. Вдъхновено е от одеялото на Repeat crafter me - Crochet daisy afghan. Но ще е изработено с Reverse Tunisian stitch. 
Маргаритите обаче ще са на 1 кука по идеята на същия дизайнер - схемата за цветя с 6 и 12 листа, е ТУК.  

Ето ги и маргаритите, очаквайки да бъдат прикачени към квадратите за одеялцето :)

четвъртък, 28 май 2015 г.

Candy set and Cherry blossom bagpack are waiting their new owner

ТУК можете да видите одеялцето, сандалките и една лента за глава, която е комплект с горните

Материал: памук и акрил
Размери: Одеялце – 80 х 80 см.
Сандалки – ходило 11см.

Повече за Васко можете да научите на неговата страничка:
Дарителска сметка в Пощенска банка /Юробанк България АД/
BG95BPBI79244072711001 в лева
BG77BPBI79244472711001 В евро
Титуляр: Васил Иванов Вълчанов

ТУК можете да видите повече за раничката.


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