понеделник, 29 август 2016 г.

Новотo детско одеяло/ Randig himmel/ New #crochet #baby #blanket #afghan

Randig himmel/ Striped sky

Because of many reasons i don't have enough time to crochet. I don't have enough time to study.
I have some health problems to resolve. 
My older son moved from Bulgaria to us in Malmö and i hope everything will be ok with him and better than in Sofia. 
He is an able guy and now he has a big desire for work, progressive motions and so on. 

I've made some crochets lately but i haven't make pictures. 
Ok, this is on my hook these days - a part of a baby blanket - my husband's cousin has a baby boy a week ago his wife gave birth to their first child - God bless them all.
I've decided to gift way a blanket.  

сряда, 3 август 2016 г.

Colors and laces, izonit& crochet bookmark

2 years... Shame on me but 2 years ago i've started this bookmark i.e. i've made an izonit part and then leave it sidewards.

Now i complete my job with this bookmark even that i already gave it as a handmade gift to a teacher. 

I think that combination between the izonit emboidery and the crochet is nice. 
The final bookmark has delicate artistic beauty. Thats why i decided it is suitable as a gift to a teacher. 

The idea and the pattern are my own but i can share and help to someone who want to tho the same bookmark or something like that. 

Myplaces is featured by Scrappy Stitches #MilisSommarblommor #mandala

Milis sommarblommor

 Shining bright&orange valance


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