събота, 31 януари 2015 г.

Lilac Baby Dream - #swaddle sack #cocoon #beanie #hat #flower #mittens

Previously I showed you some parts of this amazing baby set - HERE, HERE and HERE.

Even though i prefer different colors and shapes on it, many moms order them in the exact same one because they can't imagine how it would look in a different palette. 

But I like the results because i love this pink - purple - white palette. This is my favorite i think. 

I hope all of you like it. 

петък, 30 януари 2015 г.

Leyla's Snow Joy - #beanie #hat #flower

For the sweet little baby girl Leyla, born last night, i prepared nice set. 

Yesterday i wrote about a part of this - Lilac Baby Dream.

Today i crocheted Snow white baby beanie with a splendid flower - "Leyla's Snow Joy".

четвъртък, 29 януари 2015 г.

Part of new Lilac Baby Dream - #beanie #flower #hat #mittens

This is a part of my new crocheted baby set - swaddle sack (cocoon), beanie with big flower brooch and very cute mittens. 

Тhe swaddle sack is almost ready - i have just a little work on it and i will show you. All of this is ordered by nice two-boys-mommy, pregnant with a baby girl now. She liked my two sets with cocoons and wanted the same for her future baby girl. Of course i can't do the exact :) And i hope she will like this new one.

Hat idea and a pattern - mrsmicawber.blogspot.com

Wow! Incredible! As i was writing this, the mommy was in the hospital and new girl was born - Leyla! I'm so glad for them :)))

петък, 23 януари 2015 г.

I want someone to order it :)

In Facebook The Crochet Crowd page i saw this amazing baby set and i waaaant sooo much crochet it!

#Flowers and #Leafs in Lilac again

And once again...Because of the color difference in the same number yarn but in other consignment, I have a problem with my current crochet.
It is impossible to unknit it and i need to find the best solution.
Right now i crochet a lot of flowers and leafs and i hope that my current crochet will be finished soon. And i will show you beautiful baby swaddle sack (my next cocoon :) and beanies :)


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