петък, 29 април 2016 г.

For some skies and trees


сряда, 20 април 2016 г.

Decoupage, painting and other

Soon i will move at the new place, new apartment. We have a lot of work there. I appreciate this because i love to make new beautiful things but this is difficult. I choose the colors of all the rooms, the furniture, the curtains, everything... And this is a lot of responsibility. My husband asks me for everything.
I made a decoupage in the kitchen but it isn't ready yet.

And we painted the walls in a melon color. Now i crochet the curtains for the kitchen, i still working on it:

Other rooms - the boy's room is in blue, our bed room is lilac and the last shared room is blue-lilac.
For the entrance i choose a beige color.

събота, 9 април 2016 г.

петък, 8 април 2016 г.

Some #granny squares, #slippers and a chicken #amigurumi for Alwa

I didn't crochet granny squares from a long ago. And these days i join a Swedish group to make a blanket for a little girl - Alwa and her 2-nd birthday. Every crocheter in this group crochet and send  some granny squares to Alwa's grandmother. This woman prefers rose, green and white colors/
These grannies here are my contribution. 

 I crochet this slippers for a present for Alwa:

Аnd this is my ready to send box :) I added a little chicken amiguumi too :)

неделя, 3 април 2016 г.

1# bunny, 2 bunnies, 3 bunnies... #amigurumi #slippers #booties

My first crochet amigurumi is here using this pattern via Simply collectible crochet - a little lilac bunny.

I gifted it to a lady because... One day i forgot my bag with all my personal documents, wallet and many other female stuff, in a coffee shop. 

Аt the next day my husband goes there and this lady which works there gave him my bag - my bag wasn't even opened.

I was very thankful her. 

Lilac Bunny slippers are the next sweet little baby booties - i saw them HERE. 

I modified this pattern too - i used the modified Simple Crochet stitch. 

петък, 1 април 2016 г.

Vernal Lollipop Circus #Baby #Booties #crochet #slippers

The next booties inspired again by Hopeful Honey - her Lollipop Circus baby booties

But this time i used a modified single crochet stitch and changed the pattern a little bit. 

I like the modified single crochet and how it looks. 

The slippers are very sweet. 


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