вторник, 29 март 2016 г.

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You can see this set and the pattern HERE. 

Shining bright #girl #slippers

I crochet them a month ago. Nice sweet slippers!
The sole is 12.5 sm (5'') long. 

Lemon drop #Baby #Booties

The next booties inspired by Hopeful Honey in that case not only inspired but i followed her pattern. My son likes this booties very much and i crochet them for an hour. 
Here is the main link with a free pattern. 

вторник, 22 март 2016 г.

#Slouchy and #kimono #baby #crochet #slippers

Идването на пролетта никога не е било така вълнуващо за мен. Или май си мисля сьщото всяка година по това време. Разбира се досега не съм била в Малмьо :)

The spring's arrival has never been so exciting for me. 
Or may be I think the same every single year at this time. Of course I've never been in Malmö during this season :)

Много харесах тази шапка - Beautiful Things Slouchy Free Crochet Pattern | KT and the Squid, има и безплатна схема, както и обяснения.

I liked a KT and Squid's slouchy, she provides a free pattern and the explanations too. 

От останалата зелена прежда направих малки терлички тип кимоно - не само лесни, но и красиви. 

петък, 4 март 2016 г.

The #beanie and the pom-pom

March is here and the spring is close. Everyone wait for coming mild time days. 
I didn't stop ride my bicycle at all. But i want these fresh green twigs, branches, grass, nice flowers... and the sun. 

But now i present you two hats - a beanie and a pom-pom hat with a kind of hearts :) 

вторник, 1 март 2016 г.

9 leaf flowers

I always feel uneasy when my work comes to the post title! :) I prefer crochet actually not to contrive the titles.

Ok, i've just finished new girl slippers and i needed to attach some flowers to them.

i decided to make modification on Repeat Crafter Me' s flowers. I use them for a blanket (you can see it HERE).


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