понеделник, 9 февруари 2015 г.

Starburst #Square: The 2015 Moogly #Afghan Crochet-Along: Block #2

I'm not pleased by the result. The colors are not suitable with Kismet Square but i can't find the right combo for this and for the next squire. 
I like this yellow-orange-red palette from the first one but i don't know why did i decide to change colors for next squires. For me is impossible to use more than 4 colors for 1 article. 
Ok - on the Starburst there are 4 colors but i can't find the surplus color - it may be grass green.

CLICK HERE to find Starburst and the other patterns.

CLICK HERE to find Tamara's Kismet Square.

CLICK HERE to find The Windmill Square


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